What do Moo Marketing do?

We increase exposure, drive traffic and improve website performance. The phrase best describing our activity is 'Website Optimisation'.

SEO audit
Content creation
ePR - quality link building
Social media management
Blogger relations / outreach
Content distribution
Reputation management

Increase website traffic & exposure

  • SEO - But we do it the correct way - through genuinely influencing people, not buying short term wins
  • ePR - Generates exposure and quality links
  • PPC - The foundation for our campaigns is analysis and research, to maximise returns and acheive defined goals.
Campaign design & setup
Campaign management
KPI Reports
Investigative reports - how is activity X working
Actionable reports

What's happened, why did it happen and how can it be improved.

Improve website performance

  • Website analytics - We analyse users' website interactions to: monitor performance, inform decision making and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Website testing - We identify and prioritise opportunities, which are tested. The outcomes highlight where improvements can be made.

Inexpensive yet provides great insights. The identified areas can then be tested for improvement.

Video tests
A/B & Multivariate testing

Can be a single activity or be part of an ongoing strategy.

How will working with Moo Marketing benefit you?

Benefit to Agency

  • Retained development work
  • Retained creative work
  • Expand service offering, with no investment
  • We're happy to provide a white labelled service
  • Provides a purpose for ongoing client contact and cross selling opportunities.

Benefit to Client

  • Activities can be tailored to meet specific business goals and requirements
  • Improvements will benefit traffic across all channels
  • Increased conversion rate
  • Increased visitor satisfaction / retention
  • Increased average order values
  • Increased sales.

Contacting us

Tweet us @moomarketing

Visit us at Moo Marketing, Kamina, Ridge End Fold, Marple, Cheshire, SK6 7EX. Please let us know first; we'll get some cookies baked.

Email us at info@moomarketing.co.uk, or fill in the blanks below and hit send:

Hi Moo Marketing,

My name is , and I work for . I'd like to hear more about your services please. You can email me back at or call me on .

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A little background info

We're a small, independent, agency owned and run by two 'old pals'; Andrew and Duncan.

Andrew and Duncan set Moo up in August 2006, primarily to provide specialist skills to agencies. As word spread, Moo rapidly started to get direct clients.

We've worked with various agencies in the UK from small web development firms to big advertising players. One thing to mention - we're happy to provide a white-labelled service.

The question we get asked the most, well after how do we differ from the cowboys, is why 'Moo'? If you'd like to know the answer, you'll simply have to get in touch :)

Andrew Watts, Moo Marketing DirectorDuncan Green, Moo Marketing Director


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